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Glacier Retichello Marbles
Lampworked Borosilicate glass, blown retichello technique, dot pattern work on back, solid marble, handmade wooden stands.Signed and dated BH/08

Inspiration: The glacier marbles are inspired by the deep blue sea below, reflections from the sun with hints of the surrounding earth.
Approximate Size: 1.5” – 2”

Front Side
432 x 648 px  (200 KB)
Back side
432 x 648 px  (191 KB)

 Artist:   Braden Hammond  Contact Artist 
Braden Hammond
Artist Statement and Bio

Braden Hammond began his journey as a lampworking glass artist in 2003 at Santa Cruz Art and Glass Studio in California. From that moment, he was hooked on the beauty of glass art and it’s endless possibilities. He is constantly exploring the techniques and challenges of glass and is an active participant in the growing glass movement.

Hammond’s current art focuses on modern expressions using various lampworking techniques. Whether it’s the clean lines of the Italian retichello pattern or the crisp pedals of the imploded flower, his dedication to perfection is a distinct part of his style.

“I strive to push my limits and the limits of glass every day. I am constantly learning, growing and creating new concepts that take my art to the next level. I focus and explore new methods and techniques to follow through with each of my visions.”

Hammond’s glass art is currently in galleries and boutiques across Canada and internationally. He has been featured in The Vancouver Province Newspaper, the Edmonton Journal and has been nominated as an Emerging Artist in The Flow Magazine, a Glass Journal for the Flameworking Community.

He has taught several classes at Andrighetti Glassworks, Western Canada’s largest lampworking facility. Braden Hammond currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada with his girlfriend and business partner Kristina Holtz.


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