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Ryan Fitt Blow And BeHold Glass
Hello I am Ryan Fitt, I own Blow and BeHold Glass. I created this studio after the company I was working for moved. myself as well as several other glass artists needed a place to work so I decided to take a break from my craft and focus on building from the ground up a facility that would provide a comfortable and inspiring place to be! Its been years in the making but we are finally back in action!

Profile Link: http://www.MarbleArtists.org/RyanFittBlowAndBeHoldGlass

Ryan Fitt Blow And BeHold Glass's Gallery Pages

09 galaxy marble silver inclusions ( Images: 5 )

09 galaxy series ( Images: 4 )

09 galaxy series ( Images: 7 )

another 09 galaxy marble ( Images: 8 )

astroid breakup ( Images: 3 )

marble universe ( Images: 2 )

opal astriods ( Images: 2 )

Ryan Fitt's Gallery ( Images: 5 )

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